The Buddy Ticket


If you want to bring a friend to a Club Home Made gathering but don’t want additional food, just snag one of these Buddy Tickets. Your buddy can help you prep and chop your portion of food, if you want. Or they can just drink wine and watch you. This is a good option if you’re a couple and don’t quite need 10 servnigs of a dish, or maybe if you have a friend visiting from out of town that doesn’t really need the food but just wants to hang. 


But if you are a couple: Consider both buying a regular ticket and freezing half of your food. Your future self will thank you for your incredible foresight! Certian menus will  be better suited for freezer preservation. If you're unsure, just email us - 

The Buddy Ticket

  • Please let us know:

    1) Your name that you purchesed your regular ticket under.

    2) What class your Buddy is coming to. 

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