© 2019 by Club Home Made. Photos by Makenzie Smith and Scott David Gordon

Chicken soup, with or without the noodles, is the perfect winter food. It's nourishing, hydrating, and an ingredibly versitle dish to incoproate a plethora of local veggies.  Once you know how to make this basic soup, you can literally use ANY ingredients and make something tasty. Dont belivere us? Well, join us on 2/10 for Chicken Soup Club and we'll prove it to you! :-)  You will leave Chicken Soup Club with all the prepped ingredients you will need to make 4-5 servings soup at home.


Choose a  Meat vs. Vegetable options. If you're a vegetairain, no worries. There is an option to make this delicious soup, sans the actual chicken. 

Chicken Soup (with or without the Chicken)

  • Arrive at East Austin Culinary Studio anytime between 6-6:30pm. BYOB if you'd like. We'll get started with the demos and food prep at 6:30pm. Bring Tupperware to take your food home in! We'll have all the knifes, chopping boards and food ready for you.